Tecnica Phoenix 80 Air Shell Womens Ski Boots


These are USED Ski Boots. Very limited use!

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Tecnica Phoenix 80 Air Shell Ski Boots – Women’s

Tecnica Viva P80 Air Shell Ski Boots – Women’s 2011: Pump them up and hit the slopes with the Tecnica Viva P80 Air Shell Ski Boots 2011. Tecnica’s Air Shell Fit Technology allows you to pump or deflate air into the heel or toe zones of your foot, maximizing comfort as well as performance. Flex adjustment from 80 to 70 allows even more customization for the perfect fit for you. 3 Density Construction provides stiffness in spots for performance, and softness in others for comfort. The perfect “do everything” boot for all mountain riding.


3 Density Construction is a combination of two different (hard and soft) plastics that create 3 different zones of hardness within the shell. In the Phoenix it addresses both power and entry and exit using more soft material than the Dragon. 60% Hard (2nd Injection) and 40% Soft (1st Injection)


The Viva liners feature a velvet fur lining that enhances comfort and provides a quick drying and warmer liner

Additional Features

Triple position cuff catches further increases adjustability for various lower leg shapes and sizes.

Cuff Shape

The Delta Force System combines three components, each playing an important role in allowing the skier to adapt to the power and rebound flex of the boot. The device is a simple level and internal barrel. A duel density elastomer on the barrel is not affected by temperature and offers soft and stiff setting. The hinge point has been moved forward and higher to be able to maximize the efficiency of the device. A lower, ribbed rear spine works with the hinge point and device for a more progressive flex, better rebound and direct power transmission.

Flex and Fit

Air Shell Fit Technology for more performance, more comfort, and more warmth. The Air Shell control panel is located on the boot’s rear spoiler. The outside pump and release buttons control the inflation of the forefoot zone, and the inside pump and release buttons control the inflation of the heel zone. The panel allows for independent zone adjustment and total control for just the right fit. The Air Shell system is positioned between the liner and the shell and is made of two independent and inflatable zones. One zone customizes heel fit and hold while the other zone customizes the forefoot fit and hold. Both zones trap air next to the foot to provide greater insulation and warmth

All Viva models offer the ability to snap a heel wedge onto the footboard for those female skiers who have difficulty keeping their hips forward. A 2.5 mm wedge comes with the boots and can be used or not. It will also act as a volume reducer for those needing added heel hold


  • Ability Level: Beginner-Intermediate