Upcoming Events

Throughout the year Mt. Crescent hosts several incredibly fun events. We strive to offer a lot of different types of events that will be fun for a wide range of people with many different interests!

Please check out all the amazing events below!

Midnight Madness

Friday Mar 3rd  – Hawaiian Theme (6pm – Midnight!)



Whether you remember it from days past or not, Midnight Madness is one of the best winter events at Mt. Crescent!  It’s always delivered some of the very best skiing and snowboarding conditions of the season due to our groomers hitting the slopes before we re-open from  8:00pm – 12am!

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Snowbox Derby

Sunday Jan. 29th

What you make is up to you, from animals to pirate ships to race cars.  Be creative, wear costumes, enter as a team  – work outing, church retreat, college fraternity – the more creative minds the better! Or enter as a duo, Father & Son, Best Buds, Grand Pop & Grand kid and of course Better Halves!

Whether you want to test your cardboard design skills or simply enjoy the races as a spectator this event will keep you laughing!

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