Zipline Information and Booking

Mt. Crescent’s Zip line, Longest in Iowa, Nebraska, the Midwest and one of the Longest in the Entire USA. Experience an intense 1600ft long high flying zipline ride! That’s 5 football fields long, Yep that’s right over 5 football fields long! Dual side by side Racing Zips reaching speeds of over 40mph! There’s no need to travel 100’s of miles to fulfill your thrill needs. Mt. Crescent is home to the longest zip line in the Midwest, nearly the longest in the country and it’s just minutes from Omaha! Mt. Crescent’s newest summer activity will give you the thrill of a lifetime. Plan your trip today and begin your outdoor adventure.

Zipline length at Mt. Crescent Ski Area
Zipline Iowa at Mt. Crescent Ski Area
Zip Line Rate
$39 per person rate includes 2 rides, equipment & helmet
Zip Line Hours of Operation

The zip line is currently not open.

We want to thank everyone who came out this Spring, Summer, and Fall to ride the Screaming Eagle! We look forward to seeing many more people when we re-open in the Spring!

Reservation Times
*Walk-ins must arrive 30min prior
to last reservation time
Hours subject to changes in weather

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What do I need to know before booking?
  • In order to zip line, riders must be a minimum 50 lbs. and can weigh no more than 240 lbs.  This restriction is in place based on the speed of the zip line, not the amount the cables can hold.  They can hold a lot more than that—try 26,000 lbs! *note: Upper limit may be reduced due to current on site conditions.
  • Arrive 30 minutes before your reservation time! Signing waivers, stepping on the scales, and gearing up takes a while. Plan accordingly! If you are late, you will not zip. Scheduled ride times cannot be held for late arrivals. You have purchased a time slot that we cannot sell to anyone else, so there are no refunds for those who miss their reservation.
  • The zip line price is per person. Rides can not be transferred and they must be used on the same day. Please understand that there are no refunds or partial refunds for guests who are unable to complete the zip line. This is an aerial ride designed to help confront and overcome fears while providing thrills and fun. Parents know their children best. Please consider all elements of this activity and how your child might react before purchasing a ticket. Should you get cold feet, you may opt out of completing it. However, please keep in mind that by booking your reservation you took the slot of another paying guest.
  • There are no refunds. Rescheduling or exchange only. “Day of” cancellations and “no shows” will result in full forfeiture of fees.Unless you are called and informed of a cancellation on our part, assume the zip line is open. Contact us at if you wish to confirm a reservation. No refund will be given for a missed reservation, even due to inclement weather. Ride times may be delayed if a weather system pops up and expected to pass through quickly, but the zip line will run!
  • For the safety of our guests the zip line will not run in local severe weather such as thunderstorms or high winds. Weather may create delays but unless the weather is severe and expected to be for an extended period, your zip line reservation will not be cancelled. No refund will be given for a tour missed because of inclement weather.
  • Medical restrictions are necessary because we care about you. If you have a heart condition, or have previous neck or back injuries, you may not use the Zip Line. Also, you must have full use of your arms, legs, and hands.
  • It is highly recommended that pregnant women not participate in the Zip Line.
  • Dress for safety! Dress comfortably with closed toed shoes, and avoid loose clothing, dangling jewelry, scarves, etc. Long hair must be tied back, and women should not wear skirts. Short shorts are not recommended either, because they are uncomfortable with the harness.
  • Before using the Zip Line, you are required to empty your pockets. Somebody beneath you might enjoy a wallet or cell phone falling from the sky, but you might not enjoy losing them!