Ski & Snowboard Tuning

We know how valuable your time is, so let us take some something off of your to-do list! Take advantage of our full service tuning and waxing services. If you aren’t sure exactly what your gear requires come out and talk to one of our technicians to receive expert advice so your gear will be tuned specifically for your personal needs and perform like it’s brand new!


Edge and Wax Special $15
Belt Wax $10
Side Edge $10
Hot Wax $20
Base Grind $15
Base Repair $10/in
Performance Tune $50

  • Up to 3” of p-tex repair
  • Base Grind
  • Side Edge
  • Hot Wax
Binding Test $25

* Due to liability we do not mount bindings or adjust binding placement. Refer to the company where your equipment was purchased.

Waxing skis at Mt. Crescent Ski Area

Professional Tuning Equipment

Ski Tuning at Mt. Crescent Ski Area
Snowboard Waxing at Mt. Crescent Ski Area